Using Video to Grow Sales

Marketing with Video

What is an Interactive Video?

An interactive video supports user actually touching the video during playback. This interaction will change the actual content and video that is being presented. The additional interaction can include calls-to-action, embedding other video, 360 imagery, surveys, questions, shopping carts or reservation systems.

How to use interactive Video

Interactive Video can eb very useful in a number of different use cases. Some of the very common uses for interactive video are training, virtual tours, product demonstrations, museum tours, and on-line courses.

Are Interactive videos difficult to make?

They can be fairly straight forward to create in most cases. They are an excellent way to add additional value to content you already have available. It is important to pick a good Interactive video creator platform and hosting provided. TogoTiki is an excellent interactive video platform.

How to get rid of ads in video

If you are putting your ads on a free service like YouTube – then you cannot get rid of distracting ads. Your customers may be drawn away, but hopefully you got some good exposure. If you are embedding videos on your own site then you should plan to pay for video hosting. This will get rid of the distracting video ads. A couple of the best video hosting providers are: TogoTiki (lots of extra features) and BrightCove.

How do I put a video on my web page

There are two parts to this answer. First, let’s look at how video in general is displayed on internet inn general. The video will need to be properly encoded for internet streaming and we highly recommend you create multiple files at different bit-rates — you won’t need to worry about the encoding and multiple bit-rate formats if you use a professional video hosting provider like YouTube or TogoTiki. Once you have the video properly encoded you need to place the encoded files onto a streaming server and place a video player and file reference onto your site. This sounds complicated, but that is why using a third-party that does all the tech bits really makes sense. A video hosting provider makes it simple. Upload your video (they encode, host it on their server, and provide the player & file reference) you just take a little code snippet and put it onto your page.

What is the best way to add video to my web page?

The short answer is to use a video hosting provider and let them do the hard technical aspect of hosting and streaming your video. You probably spend a lot of time and effort building your web-site and you want to engage with your viewer. You have written great content. You are working on SEO. Maybe you are spending money on ads. So why would you show them a video with distracting ads and potentially even content from your competitor!! Well if you use YouTube to put your video on your own site — you are losing your visitors! A private video hosting provider will protect you from distracting ads and content (Cat Videos). We love the additional interactive video features on Togotiki video hosting platform.

What is a multi-bitrate video?

Video files are generally very large. If you took the video from your smart and tried to play it on the internet without additional processing it would not play well because of its size. To get a video file to play smoothly over an internet connection it needs to be encoded into a streaming format. Since screen size and internet connection speeds can vary – we create different formats of a video. A lower bitrate format will be smaller in size and therefore play better on slower internet connection or small screen. If you are planning to put video onto your website, make sure your provider supports multi-bitrate video encoding and playback.

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