What are the Pros and Cons of Using YouTube.

First let’s consider the two main benefits of YouTube:

  1. It’s free to put video onto it
  2. It is the second most popular search engine

Those two reasons pretty much guarantee every business should have some content on the YouTube platform.  The more strategic questions are:

  1. Should I put video onto other video streaming platforms?
  2. Are there times when I should not use YouTube?

The answer to both of these is almost always yes.  You need to understand what you are trying to achieve with your video content.  Who will be viewing your videos and when?  What type of messaging are you hoping to achieve with video (explainer, instructional, persuasive, funny…).  Where in the consumer sale cycle do you want to use your video?

Common Video Use Cases

The table below shows a range of common use cases for internet video streaming.  As you can see depending on your specific case you may only want to use YouTube, exclusively use a private video hosting system, or a blend of both.   Most business will benefit from significantly from using a blend of YouTube plus a private video hosting platform.

Common Use Cases for Video.  Many businesses should use a private video hosting platform.
Common Video Use Cases – Private Hosting Platform Is Important

YouTube Pros and Cons

Business spend a lot of time and money on their website.  They write content to attract viewers to their pages, they spend money of internet ads to gain conversions and sales, they optimize pages for SEO and so much more.  They pay to have content written, graphics designed, and videos created.

Businesses invest heavily in websites.  Don't let YouTube steal your traffic.

Why are you investing so much in your website? 

To get traffic to it and generate revenue! 

Take a moment and review your website for the following two common mistakes:

  1. Placing your competitors’ ads on your website? 
  2. Suggesting your visitor leave your site look at something else?

You probably think this is a silly question.  But if you are embedding YouTube video onto your site, then you are doing both #1 and #2 above.  Remember YouTube also wants your page traffic.  Are you letting YouTube steal your website traffic?

This is when using a private video hosting solution makes sense.  You need to control the content on your site.  A private video hosting platform like TogoTiki will allow you to keep your audience and even create more powerful video experiences. As you video marketing strategy it is important to understand the YouTube Pros and Cons.