Art from Plastic Waste

Botafogo Beach Installation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From food, metal, glass, cardboard and plastics, the amount of waste we create as humans is unbelievable.  It is polluting our land, oceans, and air and needs to stop, or at the very least minimized.

When I was a kid, my grandfather would make wind chimes out of old 2-liter bottles and I always thought they were “cute.”  Little did I know, he was on to something.  Using plastic waste and making it art. 

I found a great article on the Titan National dumpster rental website called “Art from Plastic Waste“.  It showcases 5 amazing pieces of art that were creating using plastic waste.  I highly recommend reading it and maybe even try to create some of your own plastic art.    

Whale Art Installation, Phillippines
“Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea”, Smithsonian's National Zoo

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