Best 5 Video Hosting Providers

Top 5 best video hosting platforms for 2020?

Selecting the right video hosting provider is largely about features you need (now or in the future) and pricing that fits your business model.  Most video hosting providers base their pricing around two variables: Features and Volume.  They bundle combinations of features together at increasing monthly rates (free, basic, pro, enterprise…) with additional chunks of volume with each more expensive plan.  So picking the top 5 best video hosting platforms is nearly impossible, but here we create the best contenders across a wide range of factors.

If the feature you need for example is “email collection” and it is only available in their “Pro Plan” you might have to pay $25 to $30/month (or more) for your first ever video and you don’t even know if anyone will watch it.  That might be a bargain if you know will have 60 videos using “email collection” and expect every video to be watched dozens of times day. 

Picking the best video hosting platform is a bit of personal exercise, I prefer vendors that grow with me.  I understand that as my videos are watched more, they experience greater cost – so it makes sense for me to pay a bit more for the service.  After all I am paying for results (more video plays).

Pick a good video hosting provided that balances price and functionality to meet your needs.
Video can be expensive to produce and you want to get the most value from the effort. Picking the right hosting solution and make a big difference in results and budget.

I made my selections below based upon considering the following as basic marketing tools you would want when getting started: email collection, video embed capabilities, social sharing.  I then considered what type of features can growth with your business.   The Top Five Best Video Hosting Providers for 2020 are:

Brightcove – strong player in the medium to large business arena.  Packed with features even in their starter plan, but pricing is unlisted.  It has to be on the recommendation list, but might not be a good fit for smaller business.

TogoTiki – A la carte pricing for everything for a marketing campaign can be bundled up at $12/month, including multi-bitrate encoding and playback.  Additional bandwidth and storage are reasonably priced.  Many unique capabilities including 360 virtual tours, automatic transcript creation, powerful organization/meta data tools, geo-location capable, Episode & Series playlists, Hotspot features, great for agencies and professionals

Sprout Video – The “Seed” Plan starts at $24.99/month and includes the basic email marketing tools plus a generous 500GB bandwidth/storage. 

Vidyard – The Pro Plan is $300/annual and includes basic marketing tools and 20 embeds so it is good starter program.